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 Forum rules.

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PostSubject: Forum rules.   Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:46 am

Forum rules.

There are only a few rules on this forum, but too keep this site fun for all please obide by the few rules we do have many thanks.

1 ) This is a site for all ages so please do not use fowl language or abusive behaviour.

2 ) Please understand that this is a site on beliefs. what one person says or believes in may be something different too someone else we need too respect each others beliefs and allthough we encourage healthy disccussion we WILL NOT allow the disrespection of another persons beliefs or views.

3 ) Please only post pics that are your own or that you have permission too post.

4 ) stay safe and be happy and enjoy this forum.

Many thanks

Afterlife paranormal.
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Forum rules.
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